August 25, 2021

Safety precautions for the use of electrical appliances

1. Check the plugs and sockets frequently to avoid danger due to looseness. Loose plugs and sockets are prone to heat due to poor contact. When unplugging the extension cord, remove it by hand. Don't just pull the wire, it will cause the copper wire inside the wire to break. When the appliance is not in use for a long time, the plug should be unplugged.

2. Check whether the socket and plug are black, 電機工程green rust or dust accumulates? The black plug and socket may be caused by overcurrent. The green rust on the plug indicates that the humidity near the plug is high and the wires can be short-circuited by the electrodes. The dust accumulated in the plug is easily combined with moisture, causing the originally separated two poles to form a path, causing dirt to accumulate and conductive short circuit, and a large amount of current overheating can cause a fire.

3. pay attention to the use of extension cords: extension cords should not be passed through carpets or hung on flammable walls. The extension cord cannot be pressed under furniture or heavy objects to avoid damage and danger.

4. Old electrical appliances should be replaced in time to avoid aging, loosening of internal parts, and easy short-circuiting when current passes through the fire.

Matters needing attention in the safe use of household appliances

1. When inserting or unplugging the power plug, be careful not to touch the live metal piece. Do not touch or probe the inside of the power socket with your hands or conductive objects; do not touch the uninsulated wire ends; if there are exposed wires, please contact the maintenance personnel in time.

2. Do not touch the electrical appliance with wet hands or wipe the electrical appliance with a wet cloth. If there is water leakage around the appliance, stop using it temporarily, and notify the maintenance personnel for insulation treatment immediately. Avoid using electrical appliances in damp environments (such as bathrooms). Do not let electrical appliances get wet, damp or immersed in water to avoid leakage and cause casualties.

3. Electric light bulbs or hair dryers, rice cookers, electric irons, electric heaters and other electrical appliances emit high heat during use. Keep away from flammable materials such as paper and cotton cloth to prevent fire; at the same time, pay attention to avoid burns when using it. Do not use high-heat light sources or other electrical appliances in the mosquito net, and do not install electric lights in the closet.

4. Do not use multiple high-power electrical appliances on a multi-port socket at the same time. When there is no one around, electric heating appliances should not be energized.

5. Don't pull the wires randomly to prevent electric shock or fire.

6. After using the household appliances, cut off the power at hand. 6. In the event of a thunderstorm, stop using the TV and unplug the outdoor antenna to prevent lightning strikes.

7. When there are abnormal phenomena such as burning smell, abnormal noise, smoke, fire or flashing, the electrical appliances should be turned off and cut off in time. When an electrical appliance or circuit catches fire, be sure to keep a cool head, cut off the power at the first time, or turn off the indoor circuit switch, and then use a special fire extinguisher to spray and extinguish the fire.

8. When someone gets an electric shock, turn off the power immediately; or use a dry stick or other insulator to separate the electric shocker from the live conductor. Do not directly save the person with your hands; if the shocked person loses consciousness and stops breathing, you should immediately perform artificial respiration or send it. Go to the hospital for emergency rescue.

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July 27, 2021

Four modes of coping with stress

The existence of stress is not completely negative. In fact, this is something everyone must have, which is very important for survival.

When a person is threatened or stimulated, the body's sympathetic nerves will be activated and begin to release a large amount of stress hormones. This puts the whole body in a state of stress. At this time, the person's heartbeat speeds up, muscles tighten, blood pressure rises, shortness of breath,工作壓力 and senses are sharp.

This kind of response to stress enables people to concentrate their attention and energy, speeds up people's reaction speed, and finds a glimmer of hope in life for oneself in this age of the weak and the strong. This is also considered to be an important reason why human beings can survive and multiply under the laws of natural jungle.

For a long time, the public and researchers have believed that people will make the choice of "fight or flight" (fightorflight) under pressure, or go into battle, or turn to flee. In recent years, researchers have gradually pointed out that in addition to "fighting or fleeing", people will also have two reactions-death or obedience.

In a state of rigid death or surrender, rather than fighting or fleeing. At this time, blood pressure drops, movements and sounds are suppressed, and it looks like a faint death,演講软技巧 a sign of submission and obedience. On the one hand, people can escape the killing of predators who are only interested in "creatures". On the other hand, when people are in this stiff state, it also helps to reduce possible blood loss and pain.

In modern society, these four neural stress responses of the human body have been inherited and become the main way people cope with stress.

1. Fight

For example, when a person encounters a difficult new project, he will work overtime day and night, complete the task meticulously, and do his best to achieve the goal. The "battle" response mode can help people turn stress into motivation, and they are more likely to achieve the results they desire.

2. Run away

2017), for example, when a new position is full of challenges and difficulties, some people may actively choose to give up the opportunity for promotion. Although many people think that giving up or running away is a negative sign of lack of willpower, lack of ambition or laziness, sometimes running away can help you avoid getting into a tense situation.

3. "Zombie"

When we find that the current difficulties are too strong, we may cry and fall asleep in childhood, so-called "fragments" appear, that is, we are dealing with stress in a zombie mode.銷售保險技巧 As adults, this "freezing" reaction is more likely to be "fatigue" or drowsiness, because some people feel tired before the stress comes and they haven't taken action yet.

But this exhaustion is not escape, not performance, but feeling. The deadly coping mode can make people feel "disappeared" in a stressful situation, as if the pain has disappeared with it.

4. Obey

And some people will show "obedience" to the stressor, that is, compromise, respect, or please arrangements for things or people that bring pressure to them. This can sometimes help people seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, and better achieve their goals.

The sources of stress may be complex and diverse, which means that everyone needs to flexibly use different modes to cope with stress according to specific situations in order to minimize the negative impact of stress on themselves .

When there is hope to overcome the pressure, you need to go all out to achieve the goal; when persistence may bring greater harm, you must be able to decisively choose to give up; when the pressure is too high, you can give yourself more time to rest; When you feel overwhelmed, you also need to communicate with the stressor to better understand the stressor.

But if a person always rigidly adopts a fixed pattern to deal with all the stresses in life, he is likely to be crushed by the stress. Below, we will combine the types of family education to introduce in detail the problems caused by a single coping model.

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July 12, 2021

What are the safety precautions and management methods for physical dolls?

The physical doll is a kind of male sex product, and for this kind of cultural product, it is designed for the use of adults. Today, I will introduce you to those operations that need to be paid attention to.

Notes for erotic entity dolls:

1. First of all, through the entity doll, 吹氣娃娃the corporate product is aimed at adult males in my country. Whether it is purchased or usable, we must be careful not to display it in front of minors.

2. There is also the issue of product hygiene. The physical dolls of Guangzhou Xinzhongyi Environmental protection Technology Co., Ltd. have always used healthy and safe materials, which will not cause harm to the human body during use, but even so, we must pay attention to the maintenance of product hygiene.

The physical doll is a kind of artificial chengr sex toy, which can replace the real person to meet the sexual needs and is very popular among otaku. For those who are just starting to use real dolls, they don't know how to use it. How to use an inflatable doll? Let's look at the detailed steps.

How to use interesting physical dolls?

How? 1. Open the box and take out the doll. You must find a space that is twice as large, at least 100cm×50cm. please don't throw the packaging cartons everywhere, keep them, because it will be used when you want to send it back to the original factory for repairing damaged parts, etc. in the future.

2. Remove the plastic paper of the package and check if there is any damage during the transportation.

3. Send the doll to the bathroom and degrease the doll. In order to make the doll's body soft, a kind of oil is injected into the silicone, which can also make the doll exude a charming fragrance. In this way, as time goes by, oil will appear on the surface of the doll. Therefore, the doll should be bathed once a week to remove the oil.

4. After taking a shower, powder the doll all over the body. This is ordinary baby powder. The purpose is to take away the grease and dirt on the body at the same time as the oil is removed. After that, rinse, degrease, and dust. A damp towel can wipe off the powder and dirt of the physical doll on the body. Then wait for the doll to dry before applying powder to keep the body dry and clean.

When the hair is dry, find a soft sofa or chair to place the doll. In order to prevent wear on the fingertips and other places, put silk stockings on your arms.

6. When you are ready for the doll, put a condom on your erect penis, apply an appropriate amount of lubricant, and choose your favorite method.

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July 02, 2021

Imaging performance is an important basis

The imaging research progress of rheumatoid arthritis shows that the tissue structure of joints is closely related to deformity and disability. The clinical application of imaging has developed rapidly, not only in the aspects of inspection methods and equipment upgrades, 類風濕性關節炎but also in the improvement of the degree of integration of imaging results with clinical practice.

For example, the "subsynovitis state" shown by the B-ultrasound proposed in the past two years, under the condition that the clinical feeling and even the laboratory biochemical indicators can be normal, it may cause some patients to have subsynovitis between the joints. This is the basis for the slow progress of some diseases that we still do not have. Sometimes we may encounter such a situation: my joints are obviously very good, and the indicators are normal, but after a year or two, 類風濕性關節炎why do I still look a little deformed?

The existence of subsynovitis can explain this question. In the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, the doctor will follow three principles:

1. Set specific treatment goals to achieve relief or low mobility.

2. Closely monitor the patient's condition, track changes in the condition, and maintain a stable state of remission.

3. Adjust the drug design plan according to the systemic disease management activity and the different manifestations of drug side effects, and pursue the individualized treatment technical plan suitable for the patient.

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June 21, 2021

Do you know what training courses your company offers?

Training courses refer to the training content selected to achieve the training objectives, aiming to enable the trainees to master certain specific skills, qualities and knowledge in a short period of time. 企業培訓師What are the characteristics of corporate training courses? Utilitarianism is the biggest feature that distinguishes it from other education courses in other countries. The sole purpose of conducting training courses for enterprises is that we can translate them into staff performance in a short period of time.

So what are the training courses for companies? This is a very broad question for us, just as someone in China asks how much time the stars in the sky have, people do not know how to answer. Generally speaking, there are many kinds of corporate training courses, such as job classification, which can be divided into sales courses, management courses, finance courses, law courses, human resources courses, etc.

Training Courses

If one judges the training and education courses for employees of an enterprise from the continuous improvement of the abilities corresponding to the courses, it can be divided into: general courses and professional technical courses. General courses refer to courses such as routine abilities, communication skills, execution, time management, career planning and other common needs of all employees. professional courses refer to courses with corresponding skills, such as English courses, design courses, etc.

If you judge corporate training courses from internal and external resources, they can be divided into internal training courses and outsourcing courses. Most of the internal training courses of the enterprise are extracted from the internal experience of the enterprise, and the hidden experience of the position against the target can be retained and shared with the students. On the other hand, outsourcing courses refer to courses purchased by enterprises from professional course production institutions.

What are the training courses

What should I pay attention to in corporate training courses? You can choose training courses according to your company's corporate development stage. The corporate development cycle is roughly divided into three phases: growth phase (pregnancy, infancy, toddler phase), regeneration and maturity phase (puberty, prime) and aging phase (stability, aristocracy, early bureaucracy, bureaucracy) period and death). If it is a newly established company, the training and education courses offered by the company will be favored which can provide employees with all-round development qualities.

If an enterprise is developing at a high speed, what can improve the work ability of front-line employees in training courses for the enterprise will be the key research object. If the company is in the middle of a breakthrough, then the courses that can improve leadership in the company's training courses will be more practical. Remember to follow up the needs of the company to choose the appropriate training courses.

Corporate training courses

And what design elements should be paid attention to in corporate training courses? Generally speaking, the following 9 elements should be included: objectives, content, teaching materials, models, strategies, evaluation, organization, time, and space. From the perspective of the design steps of corporate training courses, we must first investigate the needs of students, then clarify the course objectives, and design the course content according to objective requirements. Including course mode, course time, course format, etc. Systematization is the essence of training course design.

Corporate training courses will not stand still, so what is the evolution of corporate training courses? I believe that with the development of social sciences, training and education courses will be closely integrated with cutting-edge technology and continue to evolve to meet economic development and industry management changes in different eras. Demand.

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May 28, 2021

How do teenagers develop a healthy lifestyle?

1. Take a reasonable diet. Faced with fast-growing children, it is necessary to take in food and nutrition. But it's not a big fish and meat, overeating and picky eaters. The Nutrition Society of my country divides the food we eat into five categories: cereals and potatoes, vegetables, fruits, fungi and algae, animal foods, milk and dairy products, beans and nuts, animal and vegetable oils and other pure energy foods. Micro lnjection MoldingA reasonable diet every day can provide the nutrients needed for growth.

2. Three meals must be regular, rationed on time, and must not skip breakfast, and do not go on a diet. Skipping breakfast will lead to a decrease in blood sugar concentration and reduce the efficiency of doing things and learning. Long-term non-eating will cause digestive tract diseases. The requirements for eating are: diversification; main cereals, with a combination of coarse and fine grains; eat more fruits and vegetables; eat milk and soy products every day; eat fish, poultry, eggs, lean meat regularly; eat less oil, less salt, and a light diet.

3. Eat more foods rich in vitamin C and iron. Due to the special developmental needs of adolescents and usual large amounts of activity. Easily cause anemia. Developmental girls will lose iron due to physiological analysis due to the arrival of the menstrual period, so proper iron supplementation is necessary for development. At the same time, eating more dark fruits and vegetables can also supplement the required vitamins.

4. Eat less or no carbonated drinks and fried junk food. Both are children's favorites, and it is safe to say that these foods taste good enough to be eaten normally. However, it is necessary to control the high sugar content of carbonated beverages and easily induce dental caries. parents can use freshly squeezed fruit juice or vegetable juice instead of boiled water. The high oil content of fast food is easy to get fat.

5. Go to bed early and get up early every day, and ensure at least 9 hours of sleep. Specifically, 10 hours for elementary school students, 9 hours for junior high school students, and 8 hours for high school students. The guarantee of adequate and sleep helps the body develop and enhance memory.

6. Develop the habit of exercising for one hour a day. You can do stretching and radio gymnastics morning jogs when you get up. I walked briskly on the way to school, and walked around when I was tired from homework. Go home from school and play before meals. Don't go out for a long walk in front of the computer on weekends to climb mountains. Soon you relax your brain and exercise your body.

7. The main way of exercise is aerobic exercise. Running, swimming, brisk walking, playing ball, bicycle can add a little flexibility and strength training. Intensity: The exercise heart rate is controlled at 110-130 beats/min. Time can be completed step by step at one time, or it can be completed multiple times using fragmented time.

8. Cultivate the interest that is good for physical and mental health. Read good books, practice calligraphy, play piano and guitar, grow flowers, and take care of pets. Improve the self-cultivation of the enterprise, and you will learn the art of life from it.

9. Actively participate in social activities, respect elders, be rational and disciplined, and establish ideals. Reading is not the only thing in life.

10. Try to do something by yourself, establish interest groups, writing teams, volunteer organizations, etc. Be a new type of talent.





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October 25, 2020






有7成半教職員反映學童接種噴鼻式疫苗的時間為1分鐘, 比接種注射式疫苗快, 可以減少人群聚集. 另外, 7成2家長表示, 擔心子女會同時感染新冠病毒和流感, 增加併發症風險.



由於流感具有極強的傳染性,任何年齡的健康人群都可能感染流感病毒,兒童,年老體弱,慢性病患者等高危人群是流感疫苗的目標人群。 一個50歲以上的人每年都應該接種疫苗,因為50歲~65歲、65歲中的30%至少有一種慢性疾病。 研究發現,接種流感疫苗可以有效預防流感,降低流感相關慢性病的發病率和複發率。 老年人接種流感疫苗可以比其他年齡組更有效。

流感疫苗接種用藥禁忌: 1。對雞蛋或疫苗的其他成分過敏;。格林-巴利綜合征; 3。懷孕3個月以內的孕婦;。急性發熱病人5例。慢性病急性發作病人;。有精神病、嚴重癲癇和精神分裂症的人;。嚴重過敏; 8。6個月以下的嬰兒; 9.12歲以下的兒童不能使用滅活的全病毒疫苗。







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October 10, 2020




讓新生代體驗到如新集團的nu skin直銷制度的文化理念,那就是創新發展




在飲食中,很多時候不合理的飲食習慣會導致我們皮膚的異常狀況,這實際上是由於人們滿足食欲的自私願望。 在這裏我們應該告訴大家,一些油膩的食物,太鹹的食物,太甜的食物是皮膚狀況異常的重要原因。 最好避免這種食物。 事實上,健康合理的飲食可以幫助改善皮膚狀況,只要我們能堅持這一時期。



怎么把皮膚變得更加沒有毛孔 需要我們怎么做


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October 03, 2020






另外,珍珠粉不宜與草酸類食物(如菠菜)同食,以免引發結石;珍珠粉性涼,所以女性在月經期間宜停用,孕婦及脾胃虛寒者慎用。過敏體質者,尤其是被發現對珍珠過敏者,不宜使用。溫馨提示: 雖然珍珠粉的作用非常明顯,但珍珠粉的藥用性質屬於醫學的寒性,中醫認為,如果選擇只適合於體質燥熱的人口服珍珠粉,不考慮體質服用,可能會給人體帶來健康風險。






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September 30, 2020



利用BC-402 Keep track住自己的身體狀況,做相應的消脂運動,防止WFH肥肉出現。



飲食文化則要求我們每天早晨吃巧;午餐吃飽不忌口;晚餐吃高蛋白質瘦身料理;三餐之餘還能通過適當合理設置點心活動時間。 吃優質脂肪(不飽和脂肪,歐米伽3和6)1: 可以促進脂肪燃燒和新陳代謝。留在膳食脂肪應來自脂肪的魚類,如鮭魚,橄欖油,鱷梨和堅果。但是,盡管他們是優質脂肪,也並不代表著你應該吃太多。吃任何一個東西我們都要有節制。避免加工食品的脂肪。包括那些冷凍食品!遠離曲奇、蛋糕、薯片、快餐和油炸食品。它們只有垃圾卡路裏。

多吃蛋白質和纖維1: 你以前一定聽說過:擺脫頑固脂肪,開始鑄造肌肉,是需要蛋白質的。身體可以燃燒蛋白質來供能,當你主要食用蛋白質時,身體會動用儲存的碳水化合物和脂肪。這樣一個蛋白質被儲存進行修複肌肉!"在適合的時間攝入”。複雜碳水化合物(糙米、豆類、燕麥)可以在晚上六點之前吃(一般來說不建議深夜吃)。而簡單碳水化合物(比如糖)應該只在訓練後吃。當你的身體還在運動出汗時,簡單碳水化合物可以被儲存為糖原,而不是脂肪。 你最好別再吃東西了。





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September 12, 2020


在申請企業貸款時,如果通過審核失敗,不少人在找失敗的原因時都發現是綜合能力評分不足,那貸款時的綜合評分到底是什么,它是從哪些問題方面可以進行研究考察的,如果學生貸款公司綜合評分不足我們需要養多久呢? 簡述貸款綜合評分。說,當貸款綜合得分,事實上,意味著借款人申請的整體信譽,貸款人按照相關的評估標准,定量分析和個人收入等方面的申請人的個人信用信息,最終在比分形成報表。










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August 27, 2020



TVB《》節目緊貼社會時事,關心民生。big big shop團隊亦關心你所需,揀選多款經過實測的生活好物,全部以優惠價發售,部分更可於OK 便利店取貨,方便至極!









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August 22, 2020



如果皺紋出現先黎保養,就太遲了~ 輕熟女就要開始防止細紋形成,咁先可以有效防止皺紋出現。除左平日多按摩同做運動減慢衰老,我仲會用合適的護膚品而佢地既保濕精華好用。




BIO EX胜肽活膚抗皺完美保濕面膜推介,採用超細纖維製成,質感柔軟細膩,貼服度高,使肌膚充分吸收面膜精華,







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August 15, 2020


有很多宮頸癌患者,病情較為嚴重的婦科疾病,危害,我們也不能忽視。 宮頸癌的治療方法有很多,但要避免疾病,我們也要注意預防疾病,而不是因為他們的忽視引起的疾病。










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August 08, 2020





針對性擊退細紋及皺紋,同時兼備美白、保濕 cream功效,為了我的全面抗衰老修複,絕對是高濃度抗皺保濕 cream瓶緊緻精華推薦!


如果你想在夏天保持皮膚濕潤,就從日常的護膚開始吧。好用的保濕精華推介- TONYMOLY BIO EX活膚美白系列-







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August 03, 2020



各大產品在big big shop上架喇!網上訂購各款益生菌,改善腸道環境,讓排便更暢順更有規律,更有兒童及孕婦益生菌以供選擇,守護一家人消化系統健康!









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July 10, 2020












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July 03, 2020

Does Espresso Have Any Gains on your Skin?

You may rely on your morning cup of espresso to boost your vitality and metabolic process on the everyday foundation. Although coffee is most generally employed as being a beverage, it’s also attaining a name being an substitute cure to the pores and skin. This is certainly thanks to its antioxidants, which contain phenols that assist fight free radicals that may lead to skin problems. In fact, Coffee could be the most popular supply of anti-oxidants in the United states - all the more so than other antioxidant-rich drinks, for instance tea and wine.

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While a cup of espresso can provide anti-oxidants internally, the purported pores and skin added benefits from coffee are primarily received topically. This entails building a mask, scrub, or paste from new coffee grounds and making use of them for your pores and skin directly.Learn more about how coffee can immediately benefit the skin, and whether or not these beans truly reside as many as their hype on the subject of skin health and fitness.Below are some of the purported benefits that coffee might have on your skin, also as suggested recipes for using them.

Cellulite reduction.Coffee could aid lessen the physical appearance of cellulite about the skin. It is assumed which the caffeine contentTrusted Source in espresso may be the vital to cellulite reduction by dilating blood vessels beneath the skin and increasing all round blood circulation. Subsequently, this could assist reduce the appearance of cellulite.This skincare system is thought to greatest be employed by using a espresso scrub since the exfoliation can also easy your skin and provide an excellent physical appearance.Calming consequences.Although espresso is renowned for its stimulating effects inside of the body, it might provide the opposite outcomes when utilized topically. This is thanks on the antioxidants in coffee.Anti-aging advantages.Applying espresso directly to your pores and skin may possibly help reduce the appearance of solar places, redness, and wonderful strains. Actually, one studyTrusted Source observed a immediate correlation concerning ingesting espresso and a minimize in photoaging consequences.Universities in Hong Kong for international students

How you can generate a espresso deal with mask?There are many alternative ways to make a coffee experience mask at home. The very best way is always to blend coffee grounds with a noncomedogenic component (indicating it will not clog your pores). Here’s one particular recipe to try:Blend collectively equal elements olive oil and low grounds.Utilize to the deal with inside a round motion.Go away the mask on concerning 15 and sixty minutes.Rinse off with warm water. Repeat as much as a few periods for every week.Espresso is often a multipurpose products which will perhaps provide a range of skincare benefits. Still, it is a smart idea to observe up with your skin doctor if you’re not seeing the desired final results following numerous months of treatment.You'll want to give any new skin treatment method at the least a number of weeks in advance of relocating on to a different procedure, whether or not it is coffee-based or not.

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Does Espresso Have Any Gains for the Pores and skin?

Does Espresso Have Any Gains on your Skin?

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June 19, 2020













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如果一個小寶寶的作息以及時間有規律,有著自己良好的生活學習習慣,比方說養成了具有定時排便的好習慣,這樣對預防寶寶便秘問題是我們很有好處的。另一方面,如果 darling 沒有規律的作息時間,沒有規律的排便,那么 darling 就會有便秘的傾向。那么,應該如何養成寶寶定時排便的習慣呢?讓我們一起來進行閱讀存在以下文章,一起努力尋找自己如何讓寶寶定時排便的答案。






幫助孩子了解自己的身體,讓他覺得自己身體的每一部分都是好的有用的,他的生理功能也是非常自然正常的,有利於孩子一生的身心健康。而不是用 "今天又沒拉屎”、"不拉屎,細菌、髒東西都留在你肚子裏了”之類的話來導致寶寶不良心理暗示:我拉不出屎,我不健康。如果企業因此讓孩子對自己的身體和生理系統功能可以產生排斥感,會影響到長大後的身體健康觀念影響甚至性觀念。







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