July 02, 2021

Imaging performance is an important basis

The imaging research progress of rheumatoid arthritis shows that the tissue structure of joints is closely related to deformity and disability. The clinical application of imaging has developed rapidly, not only in the aspects of inspection methods and equipment upgrades, 類風濕性關節炎but also in the improvement of the degree of integration of imaging results with clinical practice.

For example, the "subsynovitis state" shown by the B-ultrasound proposed in the past two years, under the condition that the clinical feeling and even the laboratory biochemical indicators can be normal, it may cause some patients to have subsynovitis between the joints. This is the basis for the slow progress of some diseases that we still do not have. Sometimes we may encounter such a situation: my joints are obviously very good, and the indicators are normal, but after a year or two, 類風濕性關節炎why do I still look a little deformed?

The existence of subsynovitis can explain this question. In the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, the doctor will follow three principles:

1. Set specific treatment goals to achieve relief or low mobility.

2. Closely monitor the patient's condition, track changes in the condition, and maintain a stable state of remission.

3. Adjust the drug design plan according to the systemic disease management activity and the different manifestations of drug side effects, and pursue the individualized treatment technical plan suitable for the patient.

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