June 21, 2021

Do you know what training courses your company offers?

Training courses refer to the training content selected to achieve the training objectives, aiming to enable the trainees to master certain specific skills, qualities and knowledge in a short period of time. 企業培訓師What are the characteristics of corporate training courses? Utilitarianism is the biggest feature that distinguishes it from other education courses in other countries. The sole purpose of conducting training courses for enterprises is that we can translate them into staff performance in a short period of time.

So what are the training courses for companies? This is a very broad question for us, just as someone in China asks how much time the stars in the sky have, people do not know how to answer. Generally speaking, there are many kinds of corporate training courses, such as job classification, which can be divided into sales courses, management courses, finance courses, law courses, human resources courses, etc.

Training Courses

If one judges the training and education courses for employees of an enterprise from the continuous improvement of the abilities corresponding to the courses, it can be divided into: general courses and professional technical courses. General courses refer to courses such as routine abilities, communication skills, execution, time management, career planning and other common needs of all employees. professional courses refer to courses with corresponding skills, such as English courses, design courses, etc.

If you judge corporate training courses from internal and external resources, they can be divided into internal training courses and outsourcing courses. Most of the internal training courses of the enterprise are extracted from the internal experience of the enterprise, and the hidden experience of the position against the target can be retained and shared with the students. On the other hand, outsourcing courses refer to courses purchased by enterprises from professional course production institutions.

What are the training courses

What should I pay attention to in corporate training courses? You can choose training courses according to your company's corporate development stage. The corporate development cycle is roughly divided into three phases: growth phase (pregnancy, infancy, toddler phase), regeneration and maturity phase (puberty, prime) and aging phase (stability, aristocracy, early bureaucracy, bureaucracy) period and death). If it is a newly established company, the training and education courses offered by the company will be favored which can provide employees with all-round development qualities.

If an enterprise is developing at a high speed, what can improve the work ability of front-line employees in training courses for the enterprise will be the key research object. If the company is in the middle of a breakthrough, then the courses that can improve leadership in the company's training courses will be more practical. Remember to follow up the needs of the company to choose the appropriate training courses.

Corporate training courses

And what design elements should be paid attention to in corporate training courses? Generally speaking, the following 9 elements should be included: objectives, content, teaching materials, models, strategies, evaluation, organization, time, and space. From the perspective of the design steps of corporate training courses, we must first investigate the needs of students, then clarify the course objectives, and design the course content according to objective requirements. Including course mode, course time, course format, etc. Systematization is the essence of training course design.

Corporate training courses will not stand still, so what is the evolution of corporate training courses? I believe that with the development of social sciences, training and education courses will be closely integrated with cutting-edge technology and continue to evolve to meet economic development and industry management changes in different eras. Demand.

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