July 27, 2021

Four modes of coping with stress

The existence of stress is not completely negative. In fact, this is something everyone must have, which is very important for survival.

When a person is threatened or stimulated, the body's sympathetic nerves will be activated and begin to release a large amount of stress hormones. This puts the whole body in a state of stress. At this time, the person's heartbeat speeds up, muscles tighten, blood pressure rises, shortness of breath,工作壓力 and senses are sharp.

This kind of response to stress enables people to concentrate their attention and energy, speeds up people's reaction speed, and finds a glimmer of hope in life for oneself in this age of the weak and the strong. This is also considered to be an important reason why human beings can survive and multiply under the laws of natural jungle.

For a long time, the public and researchers have believed that people will make the choice of "fight or flight" (fightorflight) under pressure, or go into battle, or turn to flee. In recent years, researchers have gradually pointed out that in addition to "fighting or fleeing", people will also have two reactions-death or obedience.

In a state of rigid death or surrender, rather than fighting or fleeing. At this time, blood pressure drops, movements and sounds are suppressed, and it looks like a faint death,演講软技巧 a sign of submission and obedience. On the one hand, people can escape the killing of predators who are only interested in "creatures". On the other hand, when people are in this stiff state, it also helps to reduce possible blood loss and pain.

In modern society, these four neural stress responses of the human body have been inherited and become the main way people cope with stress.

1. Fight

For example, when a person encounters a difficult new project, he will work overtime day and night, complete the task meticulously, and do his best to achieve the goal. The "battle" response mode can help people turn stress into motivation, and they are more likely to achieve the results they desire.

2. Run away

2017), for example, when a new position is full of challenges and difficulties, some people may actively choose to give up the opportunity for promotion. Although many people think that giving up or running away is a negative sign of lack of willpower, lack of ambition or laziness, sometimes running away can help you avoid getting into a tense situation.

3. "Zombie"

When we find that the current difficulties are too strong, we may cry and fall asleep in childhood, so-called "fragments" appear, that is, we are dealing with stress in a zombie mode.銷售保險技巧 As adults, this "freezing" reaction is more likely to be "fatigue" or drowsiness, because some people feel tired before the stress comes and they haven't taken action yet.

But this exhaustion is not escape, not performance, but feeling. The deadly coping mode can make people feel "disappeared" in a stressful situation, as if the pain has disappeared with it.

4. Obey

And some people will show "obedience" to the stressor, that is, compromise, respect, or please arrangements for things or people that bring pressure to them. This can sometimes help people seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, and better achieve their goals.

The sources of stress may be complex and diverse, which means that everyone needs to flexibly use different modes to cope with stress according to specific situations in order to minimize the negative impact of stress on themselves .

When there is hope to overcome the pressure, you need to go all out to achieve the goal; when persistence may bring greater harm, you must be able to decisively choose to give up; when the pressure is too high, you can give yourself more time to rest; When you feel overwhelmed, you also need to communicate with the stressor to better understand the stressor.

But if a person always rigidly adopts a fixed pattern to deal with all the stresses in life, he is likely to be crushed by the stress. Below, we will combine the types of family education to introduce in detail the problems caused by a single coping model.

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July 12, 2021

What are the safety precautions and management methods for physical dolls?

The physical doll is a kind of male sex product, and for this kind of cultural product, it is designed for the use of adults. Today, I will introduce you to those operations that need to be paid attention to.

Notes for erotic entity dolls:

1. First of all, through the entity doll, 吹氣娃娃the corporate product is aimed at adult males in my country. Whether it is purchased or usable, we must be careful not to display it in front of minors.

2. There is also the issue of product hygiene. The physical dolls of Guangzhou Xinzhongyi Environmental protection Technology Co., Ltd. have always used healthy and safe materials, which will not cause harm to the human body during use, but even so, we must pay attention to the maintenance of product hygiene.

The physical doll is a kind of artificial chengr sex toy, which can replace the real person to meet the sexual needs and is very popular among otaku. For those who are just starting to use real dolls, they don't know how to use it. How to use an inflatable doll? Let's look at the detailed steps.

How to use interesting physical dolls?

How? 1. Open the box and take out the doll. You must find a space that is twice as large, at least 100cm×50cm. please don't throw the packaging cartons everywhere, keep them, because it will be used when you want to send it back to the original factory for repairing damaged parts, etc. in the future.

2. Remove the plastic paper of the package and check if there is any damage during the transportation.

3. Send the doll to the bathroom and degrease the doll. In order to make the doll's body soft, a kind of oil is injected into the silicone, which can also make the doll exude a charming fragrance. In this way, as time goes by, oil will appear on the surface of the doll. Therefore, the doll should be bathed once a week to remove the oil.

4. After taking a shower, powder the doll all over the body. This is ordinary baby powder. The purpose is to take away the grease and dirt on the body at the same time as the oil is removed. After that, rinse, degrease, and dust. A damp towel can wipe off the powder and dirt of the physical doll on the body. Then wait for the doll to dry before applying powder to keep the body dry and clean.

When the hair is dry, find a soft sofa or chair to place the doll. In order to prevent wear on the fingertips and other places, put silk stockings on your arms.

6. When you are ready for the doll, put a condom on your erect penis, apply an appropriate amount of lubricant, and choose your favorite method.

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July 02, 2021

Imaging performance is an important basis

The imaging research progress of rheumatoid arthritis shows that the tissue structure of joints is closely related to deformity and disability. The clinical application of imaging has developed rapidly, not only in the aspects of inspection methods and equipment upgrades, 類風濕性關節炎but also in the improvement of the degree of integration of imaging results with clinical practice.

For example, the "subsynovitis state" shown by the B-ultrasound proposed in the past two years, under the condition that the clinical feeling and even the laboratory biochemical indicators can be normal, it may cause some patients to have subsynovitis between the joints. This is the basis for the slow progress of some diseases that we still do not have. Sometimes we may encounter such a situation: my joints are obviously very good, and the indicators are normal, but after a year or two, 類風濕性關節炎why do I still look a little deformed?

The existence of subsynovitis can explain this question. In the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, the doctor will follow three principles:

1. Set specific treatment goals to achieve relief or low mobility.

2. Closely monitor the patient's condition, track changes in the condition, and maintain a stable state of remission.

3. Adjust the drug design plan according to the systemic disease management activity and the different manifestations of drug side effects, and pursue the individualized treatment technical plan suitable for the patient.

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