August 25, 2021

Safety precautions for the use of electrical appliances

1. Check the plugs and sockets frequently to avoid danger due to looseness. Loose plugs and sockets are prone to heat due to poor contact. When unplugging the extension cord, remove it by hand. Don't just pull the wire, it will cause the copper wire inside the wire to break. When the appliance is not in use for a long time, the plug should be unplugged.

2. Check whether the socket and plug are black, 電機工程green rust or dust accumulates? The black plug and socket may be caused by overcurrent. The green rust on the plug indicates that the humidity near the plug is high and the wires can be short-circuited by the electrodes. The dust accumulated in the plug is easily combined with moisture, causing the originally separated two poles to form a path, causing dirt to accumulate and conductive short circuit, and a large amount of current overheating can cause a fire.

3. pay attention to the use of extension cords: extension cords should not be passed through carpets or hung on flammable walls. The extension cord cannot be pressed under furniture or heavy objects to avoid damage and danger.

4. Old electrical appliances should be replaced in time to avoid aging, loosening of internal parts, and easy short-circuiting when current passes through the fire.

Matters needing attention in the safe use of household appliances

1. When inserting or unplugging the power plug, be careful not to touch the live metal piece. Do not touch or probe the inside of the power socket with your hands or conductive objects; do not touch the uninsulated wire ends; if there are exposed wires, please contact the maintenance personnel in time.

2. Do not touch the electrical appliance with wet hands or wipe the electrical appliance with a wet cloth. If there is water leakage around the appliance, stop using it temporarily, and notify the maintenance personnel for insulation treatment immediately. Avoid using electrical appliances in damp environments (such as bathrooms). Do not let electrical appliances get wet, damp or immersed in water to avoid leakage and cause casualties.

3. Electric light bulbs or hair dryers, rice cookers, electric irons, electric heaters and other electrical appliances emit high heat during use. Keep away from flammable materials such as paper and cotton cloth to prevent fire; at the same time, pay attention to avoid burns when using it. Do not use high-heat light sources or other electrical appliances in the mosquito net, and do not install electric lights in the closet.

4. Do not use multiple high-power electrical appliances on a multi-port socket at the same time. When there is no one around, electric heating appliances should not be energized.

5. Don't pull the wires randomly to prevent electric shock or fire.

6. After using the household appliances, cut off the power at hand. 6. In the event of a thunderstorm, stop using the TV and unplug the outdoor antenna to prevent lightning strikes.

7. When there are abnormal phenomena such as burning smell, abnormal noise, smoke, fire or flashing, the electrical appliances should be turned off and cut off in time. When an electrical appliance or circuit catches fire, be sure to keep a cool head, cut off the power at the first time, or turn off the indoor circuit switch, and then use a special fire extinguisher to spray and extinguish the fire.

8. When someone gets an electric shock, turn off the power immediately; or use a dry stick or other insulator to separate the electric shocker from the live conductor. Do not directly save the person with your hands; if the shocked person loses consciousness and stops breathing, you should immediately perform artificial respiration or send it. Go to the hospital for emergency rescue.

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