May 28, 2021

How do teenagers develop a healthy lifestyle?

1. Take a reasonable diet. Faced with fast-growing children, it is necessary to take in food and nutrition. But it's not a big fish and meat, overeating and picky eaters. The Nutrition Society of my country divides the food we eat into five categories: cereals and potatoes, vegetables, fruits, fungi and algae, animal foods, milk and dairy products, beans and nuts, animal and vegetable oils and other pure energy foods. Micro lnjection MoldingA reasonable diet every day can provide the nutrients needed for growth.

2. Three meals must be regular, rationed on time, and must not skip breakfast, and do not go on a diet. Skipping breakfast will lead to a decrease in blood sugar concentration and reduce the efficiency of doing things and learning. Long-term non-eating will cause digestive tract diseases. The requirements for eating are: diversification; main cereals, with a combination of coarse and fine grains; eat more fruits and vegetables; eat milk and soy products every day; eat fish, poultry, eggs, lean meat regularly; eat less oil, less salt, and a light diet.

3. Eat more foods rich in vitamin C and iron. Due to the special developmental needs of adolescents and usual large amounts of activity. Easily cause anemia. Developmental girls will lose iron due to physiological analysis due to the arrival of the menstrual period, so proper iron supplementation is necessary for development. At the same time, eating more dark fruits and vegetables can also supplement the required vitamins.

4. Eat less or no carbonated drinks and fried junk food. Both are children's favorites, and it is safe to say that these foods taste good enough to be eaten normally. However, it is necessary to control the high sugar content of carbonated beverages and easily induce dental caries. parents can use freshly squeezed fruit juice or vegetable juice instead of boiled water. The high oil content of fast food is easy to get fat.

5. Go to bed early and get up early every day, and ensure at least 9 hours of sleep. Specifically, 10 hours for elementary school students, 9 hours for junior high school students, and 8 hours for high school students. The guarantee of adequate and sleep helps the body develop and enhance memory.

6. Develop the habit of exercising for one hour a day. You can do stretching and radio gymnastics morning jogs when you get up. I walked briskly on the way to school, and walked around when I was tired from homework. Go home from school and play before meals. Don't go out for a long walk in front of the computer on weekends to climb mountains. Soon you relax your brain and exercise your body.

7. The main way of exercise is aerobic exercise. Running, swimming, brisk walking, playing ball, bicycle can add a little flexibility and strength training. Intensity: The exercise heart rate is controlled at 110-130 beats/min. Time can be completed step by step at one time, or it can be completed multiple times using fragmented time.

8. Cultivate the interest that is good for physical and mental health. Read good books, practice calligraphy, play piano and guitar, grow flowers, and take care of pets. Improve the self-cultivation of the enterprise, and you will learn the art of life from it.

9. Actively participate in social activities, respect elders, be rational and disciplined, and establish ideals. Reading is not the only thing in life.

10. Try to do something by yourself, establish interest groups, writing teams, volunteer organizations, etc. Be a new type of talent.





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